Effects of fasting on liver glycogen structure in rats with type 2 diabetes


肝糖原是一种高度支化的葡萄糖聚合物,对血糖稳态很重要。 它包括由β粒子连接而成的α粒子; 分子结构昼夜变化。 在糖尿病肝脏中,α粒子很脆弱,在二甲基亚砜等离液剂中很容易分裂成β粒子。 我们在这里使用大小排阻色谱来研究禁Liver glycogen, a highly branched glucose polymer, is important for blood sugar homeostasis. It comprises α particles which are made of linked β particles; the molecular structure changes diurnally. In diabetic liver, the α particles are fragile, easily breaking apart into β particles in chaotropic agents such as dimethyl sulfoxide. We here use size-exclusion chromatography to study how fasting changes liver-glycogen structure in vivo for mice in which type-2 diabetes had previously been induced. Diabetic glycogen degraded enzymatically more quickly in the fasted animals than did glycogen without fasting, with fewer α particles, which however were still fragile. The glycogen had fewer long chains and more shorter chains after fasting. This study gives an overview of the in vivo dynamic changes in α-particles under starvation conditions in both normal and diabetic livers.

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